Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why hasn’t my order been shipped? 

-All orders are shipped the following day after an order is shipped. You will receive a tracking number 24-72 hours after it has left our facility (via e-mail).


2. It’s been 72 hours and I still have not received a tracking number. What should I do?

-We’ve noticed some customers who use an iCloud e-mail for purchases will not receive an e-mail. If it has been 72 hours and you still have not received tracking, contact our support e-mail and we will manually send you your tracking number. 

3. How do I track my package? 

-24-72 hours after purchasing, you will receive an “Order Shipped” e-mail from us. This e-mail will have a USPS tracking number link at the bottom. 

4. I’ve got my tracking number, why are there no status updates? 

-Your package is still in transit even when there are no updates. USPS is the final carrier to receive the package, which is why the status will say “USPS Currently Awaiting Package“ and then “Pre-Shipment”. There will typically be no status updates up until it reaches your state. Once the package reaches your state, it will start having status updates and an estimate delivery time. It will also say when it is delivered.

5. When will I receive my order? 

-Due to Covid-19 there is a shipping delay affecting USPS. The estimated shipping time is 2-3 weeks, sometimes up to 38 days in rare situations. (Which is why we are having the huge sale, to compensate for the USPS delay). We appreciate your patience!


 6. My package arrived, but I am missing some items. What should I do? 

-If you ordered several different items, sometimes they will come in different packages. We have 3 domestic warehouses and 1 international warehouse. If an item you ordered is unavailable at one warehouse, it will be shipped off from another warehouse at no extra cost to you. When packages are shipped separately, you will receive a tracking number for each package. 


7. I still haven’t received my package, is it lost? 

-Packages rarely get lost, especially with tracking. Packages should arrive within the estimated time frame of 7-38 days. The longest you will usually wait is up to 38 days. In rare occurrences, tracking numbers may not update when delivered, so we recommend checking your mailbox if unsure. Please wait up to 38 days before contacting us about a lost package. If 38 days have passed since you ordered and the tracking status of your package hasn’t changed, or it has not been delivered, please e-mail us. Include your order #, your full name, and the items missing from your order. If your item was marked as delivered, wait 24 hours to see if it arrives. If it does not, contact your local USPS with the tracking number. After you contact your local USPS, contact us via e-mail and we will walk you through what to do next.


8. My package arrived, but my item is broken. What should I do? 

-No worries, we offer a lifetime warranty. Items rarely arrived damaged, but sometimes they do due to rough handling of packages from the carrier. If your item arrives defective/damaged in any way, e-mail us a picture of the damaged/defective item on a sheet of paper. In the e-mail, write what is damaged incase we cannot see the damage ourselves. The subject of the e-mail must have your order # with “Damaged” in subject. The sheet of paper must have your name handwritten along with your order #, while showing the damaged/defective item in the picture. The replacement item will be the same length/color as the original one that is defective/damaged. You must return the original damaged items, or you will be billed for the new items. If your item becomes damaged 30 days after arrival, there may be a small deductible fee for a replacement.